Vision Statement

We are called to be:

a united presbytery where…

• worship is central to our life together

• we are spiritually grounded, and our spiritual energy is continually renewed

• everything we do is measured against our mission statement

• we speak the truth in love

• we share in each other’s strengths

• we listen to, affirm, nurture and trust each other

• we pray for each other “without ceasing”

• we make decisions by consensus, with a minimum of bureaucracy

· we accept and include all people

· we move from a survival mentality to a service mentality, putting faithfulness to the gospel ahead of self-preservation

a presbytery witnessing to a transformed way of being

• learning, equipping, resourcing, communicating

• fostering understanding, in a multi-cultural society, and celebrating our own identity, our unity in diversity

• listening for the voice of Jesus in others different from ourselves

• becoming a learning community

• developing vital leadership that is faithful to the gospel

• upholding each congregation as a mission outpost

• understanding the Presbytery as “us” rather than “them”

• working creatively with neighboring presbyteries

a presbytery with a stronger voice for the disenfranchised…

• reaching out to the community without concern for membership and with a willingness to sacrifice for others

• speaking to issues of justice and advocating for change

• fostering a closer relationship with other faith communities

• serving ALL of God’s people, including those who are homeless, hungry, isolated, and lonely

• working for environmental, economic, and social justice and peace, in our community and world