Presbytery of Utica

Officers and Staff


2013 -2014 Directory


“Congregations working together to faithfully demonstrate the love of Christ”


Office Hours: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM     Monday thru Thursday*


Office Address: 1605 Genesee Street, 2nd Floor, Utica, NY 13501


Phone: (315) 735-6311               Fax: (315) 735-7796


E-mail:     Website:


(*Two – three days per week – variable days are subject to change)


MODERATOR                     Rev. Victor McKusick                                  O: (315) 894-2070

90 Morgan Street                                            H: (315) 866-4101

Ilion, NY 13357                                              C: (315) 542-6144


VICE MODERATOR           Walker, Agatha, CLP                                   O: (315) 392-3090

                                                PO Box 495                                                    H: (315) 348-7012

Lyons Falls, NY 13308                 


STATED CLERK                 Beasley, Larry J., ALP                                 H: (315) 865-5096

9773 State Route 365                                     C: (315) 794-9124

Holland Patent, NY 13354         


TREASURER                        Ohmann, Burt                                               H: (315) 737-9108

                                                3875 State Route 12                                       C: (315) 794-3926

Clinton, NY 13323                        


Receptionist/                        Bolton, Joanne G.                                        O: (315) 735-6311

   Office Assistant                 317 E. Hinds Avenue                                     H: (315) 363-5302

Sherrill, NY 13461                                      C: (315) 334-2643


Bookkeeper                            Lamberson, Paula                                         O: (315) 307-2024

c/o Synod of the Northeast             

5811 Heritage Landing Dr.

East Syracuse, NY 13057


Presbytery of Utica

FPC Cooperstown Church Retreat, Hyde Bay Colony

Presbytery of Utica

FPC Rome teens at Delaware Work Camp

We were eight kids and one adult out of 43 kids and 14 adults on home repairs for the Milford Housing and Development Corporation.

Presbytery of Utica

Coming this fall from the Lay Academy…Reformed Theology!

Reformed Theology, a Core Course for graduation from the Lay Academy, will be offered this fall.  The Rev. Jon Noble from First Presbyterian Church of Little Falls will be the instructor for this course that runs through the spring of 2014.  The first class will take place at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, September 28th at First Presbyterian Church, Ilion

The goals of the class are to:

• comprehend theological writings and lectures.

• think, write, converse and preach theologically.

• identify the distinct contributions of “Reformed” theology.”

• bring theological insight to bare in public witness and church ministry

• gain additional vocation discernment/effectiveness for lay ministry

To register for this free course, contact Lawrence Bartel at or 315.369.3475.