Many Hands


by George Whitton

Yippee! The new Presbytery of Utica website is up and running! Many hands have helped bring this to reality. The “many hands” imagery is one we use often. While attending the Church of Christ Uniting craft show in Richfield Springs on Saturday I was struck by the many hands that were required to make this annual even such a joyous one. The chicken barbeque was spectacular, one member at the pie booth told me the church had sold over $1,000 worth of baked goods, and the crafts were of fine quality. We purchased a coffee mug (for me) and a necklace (for Cindy).

Isn’t this the case in all our churches? You commit to host a presbytery meeting. It’s seemingly an insurmountable task. Oh, we’re too old. There aren’t enough of us. But the day comes and tables are set up for registration, welcoming refreshments are ready, microphones are set, dinner is cooked and then served, and all in attendance are grateful for the gracious welcome.

And so it is with the work of the church. Not enough hands to do the work. But the hands that are available pitch in and the work gets done. Enjoy the new website. Share the work of your churches – especially those works that require many hands (and faces that are smiling!)

Blessings to all,