Stated Clerk's Blog

Getting Connected

by George Whitton 

While sitting in the beautiful Niccolls Memorial Presbyterian Church sanctuary this past Sunday at the 7:30 a.m. service, an insert grabbed my attention. It highlighted the need for monetary help for the victims of the tornadoes that devastated Oklahoma the previous week. In the lower right hand corner of the insert was one of those square barcodes (I know they have a name, but it’s not as yet in my vocabulary.)

As Lawrence Bartel moved through the morning announcements I reached for the phone in my pocket that is much smarter than I. I had turned it off for church, but now turned it on. I opened the app to read the barcode, scanned it, and in seconds was on the home page for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. As Lawrence concluded the morning announcements, I had sent a donation to PDA. Don’t you love modern technology (when it works?)

I relate the above as we launch our new Presbytery of Utica website. Like the insert on Sunday morning linked me to Presbyerians nationwide, I hope this new website links us within the Presbytery of Utica. One of the best parts of being Presbyterian are the connections we have with others. My hope is that the new website will add to this sense of connectivity.

Oh, and have you “liked” the Presbytery Facebook page?