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Presbyterian Church USA resources

A  Study Guide for an Introduction to Reformed Tr McSween booklet 1981
A Brief History of the Presbyterians Loetscher, Lefferts West 1978
A Ministry of Service Off Theology booklet 1996
A Moment to Decide Daly, Lewis book 2000
All-Black Governing Bodies GA report 1996
American Presbyterians: A Pictorial History Smylie, James Pres His 1985
Annotated Book of Order CD Rom
Before the Throne of Grace Seitz & Baker Providence House 1999
Believing in Jesus Christ Van Dyk, Leanne Foundation ser 2002
Beyond Establishment Carroll, Jackson 1993
Black & Presbyterian Wilmore, Gayraud WM 1983
Black+Presbyterian-Heritage+To Hope Wilmore, Gayraud
Catalog of Theological Statements of the PC USA ( Office Theology PP 1997
Committed Conversation Small, Joseph booklet 1999
Creeds of the Churches Leith, John ed. 1973
Definitive Guidance, The Church’s Statements on Homosexuality Kirkpatrick, Stotts Study Guide Geneva 2004
Distinctively Presbyterian Chapman, William book Witherspoon 2006
Dreams Where Have You Gone? McAtee, William G book Witherspoon 2006
Finding Christ in the Book of Order Cahpman, William With 2003
Flames from the Altar  (Welsh) Williams, RR 1962
History and Theology in the Book of Order Chapman, William With 1999
Lutheran-Reformed Theological Reflections on Full Meyer & Wire booklet ECL 1997
Presbyterian Creeds Rogers, Jack 1985
Presbyterians and Pensions Brackenridge, Boyd book 1988
Reading the Bible & the Confessions Rogers, Jack Geneva 1999
Reducing the Risk Guide One Insurance CD Rom Guide One Insurance
Reformed Faith and Politics Stone, ed. 1983
Sealed in Christ Mulder, John 1991
Searching for Truth Currie, Thomas Foundation ser 2001
Selected Theological Statement of the Presbyteria Theo & Worship 1998
Spirituality & Leadership -African American congregations Barron, Erwin Video
Starting & Supporting Single Adult Ministries Miller, Martha H.
Studying Classical Judaism Neusner, Jacob 1991
The Church and Contemporary Cosmology Miller & McCall Carn 1990
The Church and Its Unity Wheeler & Acht booklet 1999
The Confessional Mosaic Coalter & eds 1990
The Diversity of Discipleship Coalter & Mulder ed 1991
The Mainstream Protestand “Decline” Coater & eds 1990
The Making of the “Impossible Synod Turner, Eugene booklet 1981
The Organizaqtional Revolution Coatler & eds 1992
The Pluralistic Vision Coalter & eds 1992
The Presbyterian Controversy Longfield, Bradley 1991
The Presbyterian Presdicament Coalter & eds 1990
The Presbyterians Part 1: The People video
The Presbyterians Part II: History and Tradition video
The Presbyterians Part III: Belief and Doctrine video
The Presbyterians Part III: Belief and Doctrine video
The Presbyterians Part V: Vision and Mission video
The Re-forming Tradition Coalter & eds 1992
To Confess the Faith Today Stotts & eds 1990
Turning Points CD Rom PCUSA 2004
Union in Christ Purves & Achtemeier 1999
What Unites Presbyterians Kirkpatrick 1997
Who Are We Presbyterians video
Who is Jesus Christ? #Video Peace, Unity, Purity Theogolical Task Force Video