Presbytery of Utica

Mission Giving 2013

Mission Giving (Unified/Designated/Special Offerings) supports budget provisions for Presbytery Staff and Mission Funding.

Unified (General) Giving will be distributed according to the following percentages, unless otherwise noted:

General Assembly 20%
Synod of the Northeast 20%
Presbytery of Utica 60%

Designated Giving and Special Offerings will support those projects/programs of the General Assembly, Synod of the Northeast and Presbytery of Utica identified by congregations.

Treasurers of congregations are encouraged to transmit Mission Giving monthly to the Presbytery. Presbytery transmits Mission Giving to the general Assembly and Synod offices, as it is received.


Per Capita supports budget provisions for Presbytery Office, Operations and Presbytery Council and Committees.

The Presbytery of Utica’s pastors and elder commissioners voted to establish the 2013 Per Capita as $36.50 per member.

The membership is based on the 2011 Statistical Report of the Office of the General Assembly. You provided this information in early 2012. For 2013, each governing body determined the following Per Capita amounts:

General Assembly $6.87/member
Synod of the Northeast $3.90/member
Presbytery of Utica $25.73/member
TOTAL: $36.50/member

Treasurers of congregations may transmit Per Capita monthly or quarterly to the Presbytery. The Presbytery is obligated to transmit Per Capita to the General Assembly and Synod on a quarterly basis.

(Note: This information is subject to change January 2014)